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So comfortable ! It helps a lot !

Easy to use. Soft. Comfortable. I LOVE it.

Heavy gel

This is comfortable and easy to use.

Works instantly

Easy to put on, soothes migraine right away and very comfortable to wear.

It actually works!

It works great. All positive

Great! Product

Great! Product works very well.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable and is much better than trying to balance an ice pack on my head. The only issue is it doesn’t stay cold as long as I would like.

Best gift to give to someone who gets headaches

My mom is always getting headaches so for her birthday i bought this for her and she absolutely loves it! she said it fits comfortably, works great and definitely worth purchasing!

Great product

This is a great product I have used it both warm and cold and got great relief. Very comfortable and can sleep with it on. Definitely recommend for migrain sufferers

It’s Awesome

I genuinely love this so much I use it even for when I don’t have migraines. You’ll look silly but so worth it!

Awesome product

I suffer from migraines a lot and this hat has helped me a lot. Now every time I have a headache no matter the reason I put this cap on for 15mins and it relives my headache and gives me such a comfort. I carry this everywhere.


I was really happy with this headache cap. It's very comfortable and easy to use. I love the material. It's soft and smooth and is comfortable to use. Overall, I find this to be an effective product and have already recommended to multiple friends!

A must have for migraines

Amazing product to help with headaches and migraines

It really helps.

I bought this for my son who suffers greatly with migraine headaches. He was skeptical but used it when he had a very strong headache and he found relief right away. This has become another tool for him to help manage his migraines and return to a functioning self sooner.

Super comfortable!!!

Ordered this one as my last one (different brand not this one) ended up leaking from on of the gel pods. So I wanted one that did not have the gel in it so that wouldn't be an issue. This one came and I was NOT disappointed! It fits great and isn't too tight but give the right about of tension on your head when your head hurts. It has good coverage of your whole head and the fabric is nice and smooth and slides on easily. It keeps cool for a good amount of time and isn't too cold when you first put it on as some other migraine caps can be. It also blocks light out very well. So if you have a migraine and have the light sensitivity this works wonders! So glad I chose this one!!!

Migraine relief cap

This product is the best I have found so far for headache relief. Better than any ice pack. It is cold but not freezing, has a soft gel feel and gentle pressure. You can pull it down to cover your eyes with cold and darkness, plus the cheekbones and back of the head where many migraines are located. It chills quickly in the freezer and provides instant full head relief. Also I can fit neatly under a toque so if I need to to get some relief at work or in the car and no one will notice. The caps are so essential to me that I have now bought 4, so I can keep them multiple places and rotate them when down with a migraine. The quality is also very nice.

Comfortable Relief

So appreciated the comfort and that it kept cold for an extended period to provide great relief.

The size is just right.

I have a small head and my husband has a larger one. It fits us both very comfortably. Putting it in the freezer and ready to use is perfect for when you have a migraine. I recommend putting it in a ziplock bag when freezing it become it tends to absorb odors. Not the product's fault.

Comfortable and provides quick relief.

As someone who suffers from chronic migraines for years now, this product, as simple as it is, has truly helped in relieving pain. The material is smooth and stretchable, easy to slide on and off, easy to sleep in, as well as keeps it cooling feeling for a good amount of time. I've had one before from a retail store and it did not compare to this one. Definitely would recommend!

My new best friend

Two days after receiving the cap I started to get a migraine. I put the cap on and layed down for a while and I was happily surprised when I woke up without any signs of my migraine. It was very comfy to sleep with and it has a lot of stretch to it. Stopping a migraine/headache has never been easier and I couldn't be more thankful!

Love this thing

I get headaches almost once a week and this helps a lot while waiting for painkillers to work. It’s the perfect temperature to use right away out of the freezer and can be heated up in the microwave. Would also work really well just as a general ice pack for pain. Can wear it like a beanie or lower down over the eyes like they show it.